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Recently you haven’t been able to see any sort of celebrity event without at least one of these dresses making an appearance.

D&G kicked it off with their A/W show where the catwalk was littered with stars (as well as Victoria’s Secret models)

Following this the same print has been in attendance at premieres, award ceremonies and it’s even made the cover of at least three magazine including the September issue of Marie Claire on Anne Hathaway. There is no question that celestial inspired clothing is definately the print du jour.

And it looks as if the same print will be taking over our high streets before much longer too. Topshop and River Island particularly have been hot on the trend, with jewellery and tops adorned with the print.

My personal favourite look from this collection is on Evan Rachel Wood at the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 premiere. Her quiff-ed hair and leather jacket make her stand out amongst the other dresses which have been wore identically to the catwalk.

My prediction is that we’ll definately be seeing lots more of this print on the high street before much longer.

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I recently saw a snippet of this collection from Love Maegan and like the magpie that I am it certainly got my attention!

Taking inspiration from 80s slightly kitsch, punk and rock and roll influencers like David Bowie and Adam Ant, the collection fused retro with modern to create a celestial filled extravaganza!

Mainly sticking to a muted black, white and grey colour palette pops of colour came through the accessories which were quite frankly, amazing!


Zebra print, tiger prints and leopard prints, neon pinks, turquoise, stars, spangles and sequins, I love it all! The shoes are universally pointed, pin heels; meaning we can say a welcome ‘adios’ to sky high platforms in favour of a far more manageable, not quite so intimidating heel. Now I just need to work out how I could get my hands on some!

The clothing was certainly a bit hit and miss for me. Whilst I can’t say I was much of a fan of some of the masculine tailored looks which I’m becoming a bit bored of seeing, certain pieces like the black lace and leoprint print sequins really got my attention, despite the shapes being ones we’ve seen from D&G numerous times before and them being draped over Victoria’s Secret models who look good in bin liners! (Alessandra Ambrosio in particular is stunning!)

Here are a few of the highlights for me:

What did you make of this collection?

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