Lots of leggings

Yes, printed leggings. Stay with me….

Now you might, as I intially did, already be thinking, “No, too busy, leggings are black and that’s the way it’s always been” but slow down there sister! Here’s an interesting concept for you to try on for size: they don’t have to be black!

I’ll let you sit on that one for a while….

Yep, it’s happening. You’re going to have to get on this bandwagon and here’s why:

  • Black leggings are boring
  • They’re really dull
  • I’ve fallen asleep

I’m thinking of going all out, neons, leopard prints, aztecs, the possibilites are all there!

Patterned Leggings


River Island printed legging, 22
River Island legging, 22
TopShop rainbow legging, $40
Miss Selfridge floral legging, 20
Leopard legging, $40

Where do you sit on the black legging vs. patterned legging debate?

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Join the dots

Polka dots appear to be having a very prominent resurgence at the moment, both at celebrity events and on the high street.

Cheryl Cole wore a white number to her birthday celebrations earlier this year, Kate Winslet went for some revealing mesh at the premiere for Mildred Pierce back in March, Anna Paquin left a bit more to the imagination at the Summer TCA panel in July and Diana Agron wore some unseasonal velt in August (!) but still managed to pull off the figure hugging look at the David Letterman show.

The common thread for all of these looks has been designer Stella McCartney’s A/W 2010/11 collection. It was very monotone, universally consistenting of black and white, in a variety of cuts and shapes.

My personal favourite look from this collection was Christy Turlington at the Avon Step Into Sexy Fragrence launch. See how to get a this Stella McCartney inspired look below:

Christy Turlington Stella McCartney



Will you be wearing Polka Dots this A/W and who was your favourite celebrity in this look?

Best Dressed of the Week this week is going to Selena Gomez at the MTV VMAs.

The 19 year old starlette wore a Julien MacDonald Fall 2011 dress. The black lace and neck datiling does give it a bit of a gothic feel, but her gold accessories, bronze tan and lilac nails complimented it perfectly.

The short legnth at the front but longer length at the back is a look I love seeing at the moment and is something Selena wears a fair bit. As always her make up and hair were flawless and if it weren’t for Beyonce’s surprise announcement and knock out performance, she would have totally stole the show for me! Don’t be surprised if she’s the best dressed of the week again at some point!

Everybody’s Starry Eyed


Recently you haven’t been able to see any sort of celebrity event without at least one of these dresses making an appearance.

D&G kicked it off with their A/W show where the catwalk was littered with stars (as well as Victoria’s Secret models)

Following this the same print has been in attendance at premieres, award ceremonies and it’s even made the cover of at least three magazine including the September issue of Marie Claire on Anne Hathaway. There is no question that celestial inspired clothing is definately the print du jour.

And it looks as if the same print will be taking over our high streets before much longer too. Topshop and River Island particularly have been hot on the trend, with jewellery and tops adorned with the print.

My personal favourite look from this collection is on Evan Rachel Wood at the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 premiere. Her quiff-ed hair and leather jacket make her stand out amongst the other dresses which have been wore identically to the catwalk.

My prediction is that we’ll definately be seeing lots more of this print on the high street before much longer.

Best dressed of the week this week is going to Anne Hathaway attending the London Premiere of One Day.

She was dressed head to toe in McQueen, including a white lace dress which it’s hard not to compare to another headline grabbing white lace dress by McQueen recently, a skull clasp clutch bag and tan peep toe heels.

Whilst the length of the dress is a little odd, is it full length, is it not? She finished it off perfectly with side swept retro waves and red lips and nails to boot.

She definately brought some glamour to the occasion and the look worked perfectly.

You can read my review of One Day here.

One Day

Anyone who’s gotten on a train, tube or bus during the last 18 months will be familiar with the distinctive orange jacket which covers David Nicholl’s One Day. After seeming to penetrate the book market the inevitable has happened and it’s been turned into a film.

Whilst it’s tempting for anyone who’s read the book to pick out omitted passages and chapters which were integral to the plot, the fact that the screenplay was written by Nicholls himself reassures you that he can’t have heartlessly shredded pages without any sentimentality or thought, surely? And if he hadn’t played a role in journey from text to screen it’s exactly what I’d be doing.

One Day follows the lives of geeky, grounded, northern-lass Emma Morley (Anne Hathaway) and priviledged, underachieving and cocky Dex (Jim Sturgess). The pair is followed over a span of 20 years and revisited every July 15th starting from 1988, where their nearly-but-not-quite romance starts on their graduation from Edinburgh University, until the present day in a story which everyone will surely be able to relate to in some way. We all have our own Dex or Em’s, the people with whom a relationship is never really off the cards, but it’s never really on them either.

Director Lone Scherfig (An Education) does a near perfect job of capturing the essence of each year and the soundtrack similarly has the ability to transport you back in time, however compared to the book the film seems to rather heavy handed-ly rack through the years at breakneck speed. Without the character’s internal dialogues to carry the plot, to someone who is unfamiliar with the original narrative the speed may be a little hard to keep up with. I could imagine the motivations of Em struggling to find her way post graduation, spending years working in a tex-mex restaurant and even her attraction to Dex difficult to truly understand without the detail we get in the book.

Nevertheless the on screen chemistry between Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway keeps you interested. Sturgess plays Dex throughout his egotistical years as a late night TV presenter overindulging in booze and drugs, through to his break down without fault and whilst the casting of an American lead in Hathaway to play Emma has been criticised, by the time the transformation from gawky and lost to successful and self assured does eventually arrive she is able to do her justice and to me it seems that late 30s Emma is the only place where Hathaway was really able to deliver the goods. Until this point it’s hard to buy into a beautiful Hollywood actress playing a lost-her-way Yorkshire lass, no matter how thick rimmed her glasses are or how frizzy her hair.

When the final plot twist does arrive in such a quick, unexpected and dry way, only a colder hearted person than me will be able to stop themselves from shedding a tear. By skipping the “happily ever after” Hollywood ending you’re left with a touching and emotional film that’s hard to shake off.



Do it Like a Dude

The womenswear trend of adopting a more masculine style of dress has been in style for a while now and the autumn/winter catwalks showed no sign of it slowing down just yet!

D&G showed a more ‘Victorian gentleman’ style of dress while Ralph Lauren and Temperley London went for a sophisticated style featuring bow ties, tuxedo jackets and braces to complete the look.

The trend seems to have slipped down all the way to our footwear, with brogue style shoes and loafers being a massive trends this summer. For winter the chelsea boot seems to be the shoe du jour, with Chanel teaming large, billowing top halves with a streamlined bottom, finished with a leather boot. Jill Sander adopted more of a wedge heel but similarly paired them with a straight silouette on the bottom half.

Asos have a classic interpetation of the Victorian style shoe for £50 at the moment, but if you’re not brave enough to go for all out masculinity a heeled pair, like the Asos acorn leather platform as shown in the bottom left is a far more wearable style.

Will you be wearing a pair of Chelsea boots this Winter?