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Twinkle Toes

Now it won’t come at a surprise to learn that I can’t resist a good shoe. And something that’s been getting my attention recently is the amount of glittery, sparkly and generally fabulous shoes there is out there at the moment.

Perfect for the party season, I need a pair of these bad boys on my feet NOW.

I’m struggling to pick out just one favourite, but Dune, a shop I walk past every day on my way to work and can often be found with my nose pressed up against the window, have a particularly broad range. My personal favourite is the Bedazzled, a glittery court shoe, not too high and not too low, which comes in black, silver and gold.

Also worth a mention is their Sparkling Shoe. These are an irresitible glittery pink pair costing £90, but for each pair sold £50 is donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust, so it’s win win!

Twinkle Toes


Platform high heels
£80 – office.co.uk

Carvela fur shoes
£120 – kurtgeiger.com

Aldo shoes

High Heel | Dune

High Heel | Dune


Will you be taking inspiration from Dorothy and investing in a pair of sparkly heels this party season, and if so what will you be wearing them with?

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The party season is just around the corner and a trend that’s been putting in the odd appearance at the red carpets of late is the champagne coloured dress.

Glittery, glamourous and show stopping, stars including Jennifer Lopez, Lea Michele, Freida Pinto andCarrie Underwood have all sparkled their way down the red carpet in these fabulous, full length dresses.

My favourite look so far is Lea Michele at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards. She wore a Jenny Packman dress paired with a deep red lipstick to really ooze glamour and looked stunning.

A high street dress which fits perfectly in this category comes from the Pearl Lowe collection at Peacocks. I haven’t really paid much attention to Pearl Lowe’s collection, but this dress really caught my eye as it’s something you’d never expect to see from Peacocks.

The full length dress has what looks like a beaded bodice at the top and falls down into a golden waterfall skirt, not to mention Daisy Lowe models it beautifully. At £80 it’s a bit pricey for a lower end high street retailer, but if you’re attending an event posh enough to call for something like this you may as well get your money’s worth!

Will you be adopting the champagne dress trend for your Christmas soiree?


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Things have been feeling particularly autumninal recently. The nights are drawing in, the wind has a definite bite to it and my feet are never far from a good thermal sock.

Unless I am very much mistaken, it’s time to whip out the Winter Warmers.

I’m the first to admit I’m a continually cold person, all of the time, cold, which is why the news that faux furs, knits chunkier than a pregnant Mariah Carey and fluffy ear muffs are vogue this year is something I am getting straight on!

The deer stalker is a staple for this season and the options are endless. River Island have a delectable selection of faux fur, knitted, pom poms and those with fluffy bits on. With one of these cuddly beasts on my head, my ears will definately be staying safe from frostbite this year!

My personal favourite is an offering from ASOS, for £25 you can get this adorable hat and never be cold again!

Are you wearing yours yet?

Deer Stalking Season is Open...
Image credit 1, 2, 3, 4


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Lots of leggings

Yes, printed leggings. Stay with me….

Now you might, as I intially did, already be thinking, “No, too busy, leggings are black and that’s the way it’s always been” but slow down there sister! Here’s an interesting concept for you to try on for size: they don’t have to be black!

I’ll let you sit on that one for a while….

Yep, it’s happening. You’re going to have to get on this bandwagon and here’s why:

  • Black leggings are boring
  • They’re really dull
  • I’ve fallen asleep

I’m thinking of going all out, neons, leopard prints, aztecs, the possibilites are all there!

Patterned Leggings


River Island printed legging, 22
River Island legging, 22
TopShop rainbow legging, $40
Miss Selfridge floral legging, 20
Leopard legging, $40

Where do you sit on the black legging vs. patterned legging debate?

Image Credit: 1,2,3,4,5

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Polka dots appear to be having a very prominent resurgence at the moment, both at celebrity events and on the high street.

Cheryl Cole wore a white number to her birthday celebrations earlier this year, Kate Winslet went for some revealing mesh at the premiere for Mildred Pierce back in March, Anna Paquin left a bit more to the imagination at the Summer TCA panel in July and Diana Agron wore some unseasonal velt in August (!) but still managed to pull off the figure hugging look at the David Letterman show.

The common thread for all of these looks has been designer Stella McCartney’s A/W 2010/11 collection. It was very monotone, universally consistenting of black and white, in a variety of cuts and shapes.

My personal favourite look from this collection was Christy Turlington at the Avon Step Into Sexy Fragrence launch. See how to get a this Stella McCartney inspired look below:

Christy Turlington Stella McCartney



Will you be wearing Polka Dots this A/W and who was your favourite celebrity in this look?

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Best Dressed of the Week this week is going to Selena Gomez at the MTV VMAs.

The 19 year old starlette wore a Julien MacDonald Fall 2011 dress. The black lace and neck datiling does give it a bit of a gothic feel, but her gold accessories, bronze tan and lilac nails complimented it perfectly.

The short legnth at the front but longer length at the back is a look I love seeing at the moment and is something Selena wears a fair bit. As always her make up and hair were flawless and if it weren’t for Beyonce’s surprise announcement and knock out performance, she would have totally stole the show for me! Don’t be surprised if she’s the best dressed of the week again at some point!

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Recently you haven’t been able to see any sort of celebrity event without at least one of these dresses making an appearance.

D&G kicked it off with their A/W show where the catwalk was littered with stars (as well as Victoria’s Secret models)

Following this the same print has been in attendance at premieres, award ceremonies and it’s even made the cover of at least three magazine including the September issue of Marie Claire on Anne Hathaway. There is no question that celestial inspired clothing is definately the print du jour.

And it looks as if the same print will be taking over our high streets before much longer too. Topshop and River Island particularly have been hot on the trend, with jewellery and tops adorned with the print.

My personal favourite look from this collection is on Evan Rachel Wood at the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 premiere. Her quiff-ed hair and leather jacket make her stand out amongst the other dresses which have been wore identically to the catwalk.

My prediction is that we’ll definately be seeing lots more of this print on the high street before much longer.

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